Generation Jobless-Are we in trouble?

This isn’t something that we haven’t heard before and it’s all a big mess of debt and lack of job opportunities that keeps getting brought up again and again in the media. The CBC developed a documentary called Generation Jobless at the end of January discussing the issues related to university grads unemployment, underemployment and the connections with debt. You can watch this documentary by clicking the link below (at this time it is only available for Canadian viewers)

Generation Jobless-CBC Documentary

Here are a few stats to think about;

  • Canada has one of the highest underemployment rates out of all the O.E.C.D countries
  • 1 in 3 Canadian college/university grads between the ages of 25-29 end up in low skill jobs
  • Average student debt is about $27,000

It’s scary to continue to think that student debt is rising steadily while it’s also becoming harder and harder for Canadian university grads to get a job after taking on all that debt.

This is definitely a great watch, make sure to check it out.


Do you feel prepared after graduation?

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