Easy Leftover Recipes for Students

After reading a great blog post by Broke Millenial about leftovers I have to say I completely agreed with everything. Food is wasted so often, and I am aware that there are some people out there that can’t stand leftovers..this may not be the post for you. But there are some great ways to make use of them and with some leftover recipes more or less.


After reading the post I was pretty inspired and decided to make use of the leftover spaghetti we had from a previous night and wanted to make myself a Frittata. If you aren’t familiar with the Frittata there are a bunch of different variations, but I’m most familiar and accustomed to one made out of leftover spaghetti or any similar noodle. In the case of leftover spaghetti you can make yourself a pretty great frittata in any size (the smaller it is the easier it is to flip) and make use of those leftovers you have. I honestly didn’t use much of a recipe so I will recommend if you don’t like flying by the seat of your pants cooking, you can check out a Spaghetti Frittata recipe off of Allrecipes.com. With mine I used some eggs, salt, pepper, and some fresh basil along with my pasta and that was about it. I have to say this is my first successful one, I’ve had some issues in the past where I simply haven’t put enough egg or put enough oil on the frying pan and let’s just say the past a didn’t hold together, it stuck to the pan and it just didn’t taste very good. So leaving this on a good note, this one turned out great but still didn’t taste like my nonna’s (i’m not sure if it ever will..) 🙂



Other Leftover Recipes/Food Ideas

Now I’m not talking about using leftover salad, because even I don’t like touching that soggy mess. BUT there are a few leftover meal items that you can definitely use to add a little bit extra to your greens (fresh greens that is)

  • Leftover Stirfry-Add heated up leftover stirfry on top of a salad for an added twist
  • Leftover meats-Chop up meats in small bite sized pieces and place on top of salads

Also I have to say that I do like cold cuts but there is another alternative especially if you have leftover chicken breast. Cut chicken breast so you have thin flat slices and use it instead of cold cuts. It makes you look like a serious sandwich boss and it also tastes great.

Or if your leftovers are just a complete meal you’re pretty much set, just heat up (if that’s your thing) and enjoy.

Are you a fan of leftovers? Do you have a favourite leftover recipe?

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  • Thanks for the shout out and what a great idea! A friend of mine does the Spaghetti Frittata too, but I’ve never tried it before. Next time I shall! And a secret for saving salads is asking for dressing on the side. Then you avoid the soggy mess!

    • Oh no problem, thanks for getting me thinking and making something tasty as the end result. It’s relatively easy, the only hard part is flipping it haha. And this is true, I actually just ate a leftover salad today and they automatically put the dressing on the side for takeout. Worked out really well.

  • GenXer

    I’m not a student anymore (even grad school days were 11 years ago) and I now enjoy a good salary with all the trappings of adulthood but even now I don’t throw out leftovers (unless they’ve gone bad, and I plan meals to avoid that as much as possible).
    I use all sorts of leftover meats and veggies for various kinds of pasta sauces (so not the same as a spaghetti frittata). If it’s chicken it can be used with nuts and raisins as salad topping.

    Leftover pasta becomes either cold pasta salad (add salad dressing, nuts and fruit or tomatoes or whatever you have) or if it’s the right shape I make up a cheese sauce for mac and cheese
    stale bread and leftover sausage – if it’s breakfast sausage it can be turned into a breakfast strata – torn bits of bread, chopped sausage. Saute some onion, layer the bread and sausage with shredded cheese. pour with a milk-egg mix. Wait overnight (or one hour) and then bake. If there’s not breakfast sausage it is *still* good. Also good with leftover veggies like peppers, mushrooms, whatever you’d throw in an omelette
    This is probably why I like cooking – stretch the food and stretch your creativity!

    • GenXer I have to say I totally agree with you. I can’t say that I’m a master chef by any means but I do love cooking and trying out new things and random leftovers here and there can make it that much more interesting. We always ate leftovers at home when I was growing up so it’s just something I am accustomed to as well, no use wasting food when you can make perfectly great meals out of it. Thanks for the comment and checking out the blog!

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