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On February 1, 2018 PC Plus will officially switch over to PC Optimum. The biggest change for collectors will be PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum programs merging.

Over the last few months there have been numerous changes that have impacted PC Plus & Optimum collectors;

  • PC Financial banking services being phased out, which means debit cards no longer link to the PC Plus program
  • PC Financial credit cards still exist and link to the PC Plus program
  • Shoppers Optimum will be gone starting February 1, 2018

PC Optimum

As all the dust settles, PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum will be combined to create a new loyalty program, PC Optimum

In the past, Shoppers Optimum had very lucrative offers that helped you accumulate points very quickly and redeem with ease. Think 20x the points on Saturdays or personalized offers via the Optimum app!  I’ve personally collected quite a lot of points over the years by leveraging the personalized offers on the Optimum app. The only issue has been the struggle to figure out what to redeem my points for.

As the shift occurs to the combined PC Optimum program, I’m thrilled about the fact that I can redeem for a greater selection of electronics, Joe Fresh clothes, books, and housewares that can be found at a Real Canadian Superstore. Items of interest were scarce for me at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, or electronics were pretty out of date.

Will PC Optimum be Rewarding?

As we transition away from the quickly accumulating Shoppers Optimum program to PC Optimum I’m concerned about a few things;

  1. Will I be able to accumulate points as quickly as I did before?
  2. Will my points be worth as much as they were in the Shoppers Optimum program?

Question 1 I’m a little bit concerned about, so I figured I should take a bit of a deeper dive in how collecting will change once the 2 programs are combined.

Shoppers Optimum point accumulation before February 1st is as follows;

…for Shoppers Optimum members who have only collected the minimum 8,000 points required for redemption, the conversion rate is 1.25, or 0.125 cents for every dollar spent.

Collectors at the highest reward level of 95,000 points or more will have their points converted at a rate of 1.79, or 0.179 cents for every dollar spent.

In the new PC Optimum world we will see the following changes;

…. Loblaw promises a simpler process with just one conversion rate for all reward levels: all collectors will get 15 points for every $1 spent on eligible products, or 0.15 cents for every dollar.

For collectors who hoard points, like myself, the new PC Optimum program will mean about 0.29 points less  per $1 spent

I’m also going to make the assumption that excellent 20x the points events, and 18,500 point giveaways could be thing of the past at your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

To answer question 2, I’ve found the points calculator that tells you your approximate total PC Optimum points you’ll have come February 1st.

What Should I Do?

With 3 days remaining for Optimum collectors, take advantage of the personalized offers available and accumulate as many points as possible. Then we will just have to wait and see how lucrative this new PC Optimum program will be. I’m personally excited to have a greater options for redemption in the new program, I’ve been sitting on a lot of points waiting for an exciting redemption opportunity.


With PC Optimum coming, will you still be a collector? Are you excited about this?


Sources: CTV News


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