Summer Spending Tips

It’s not even summer yet and I’m already trying to come up with ways to cut down costs. After spending way too much money over the last week by going out to a variety of pubs, restaurants and clubs/bars I have decided that I really need to cut back on both my nights out and/or my alcohol expenditure. Now I know most of you may be thinking you’re crazy, it’s not even summer yet and you’re already becoming less fun. The reason being is that I’ve done some rough estimates for what money I need saved for the remainder of my university of career, and it’s not a small number. So I’ve decided to compile some great summer spending tipsSome are simple, and some slightly less fun. But there definitely is some give and take when you need a certain amount of money come September and whether or not that 1 night our, or that extra outfit was really worth the money you spent.

summer saving tips

1. Don’t Go Out More Than Once a Week

Now this may sound super lame, or really just not fun in general. But think about it…your body and your wallet will thank you when you decide on 1 really fun night out with friends, set a spending goal for yourself and don’t whip out your credit card. Instead bring out a set amount of cash you want to spend for the night, try and take public transit whenever you can (I’m starting to realize just how expensive downtown Toronto is bar and drink wise, let alone the cost of a taxi home) and try to pre-drink with friends as much as possible.

2. Use Your Patio at Home

Especially when the weather gets warm, the first thing everyone wants to do is find a nice patio and drink with friends. As a student, I suggest your own patio and a case of beer from the beer store instead. Even a cheap pitcher of beer can run you around $10-15 each and your probably not just going to get one. Consider pre-drinking or patio drinking at home, and then heading out for a night. It will save you a lot more money, you will still get your tan on and save some serious $’s in the process.

3. Plan a Few Fun Weekends-Quality, not Quantity

Summer is the time for great long weekends that you can spend with friends and maybe head up north or to a cottage. It’s better to plan a few really fun weekends then going out 3 times a week all summer. It’s likely that you won’t enjoy yourself as much if you do the same thing every night of the week versus a unique cottage experience with a group of great friends. Think quality not quantity when it comes to summer fun, you definitely will enjoy those big weekends more.

Share your summer spending tips below!

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