Survival Tips for the Final Stretch

All students out there know exactly what I mean by the end of the year cash situation or lack there of. It’s that horrible time when you’re scraping nickles and dimes together to buy your coffee for the day or the horrible NOT APPROVED has popped up when buying groceries. Cash is running low, and it’s something that always starts to happen just before exam times. As the frugal person that I am, I’ve decided to give all students a gift, a list of ways to save those nickles, dimes and those rare bills. Here are a few survival tips for the final stretch;


1. Don’t be afraid to be embarrassing

I might have recently started taking extra jam packets from restaurants-You’re a student, it’s okay..kind of.

2. Coffee

As a student it’s likely you have a coffee maker at your place..but don’t use it enough. Start brewing your own coffee and bring a travel mug to campus. You can usually get more coffee if you’re buying when you use a travel mug..for the price of a smaller size. If you can, try to cut down on the coffee (but we know it’s not likely going to happen). Go for the brew your own and save some cash.

3. Start Cooking

For me cooking is enjoyable, but for most it’s time to suck it up. The amount of money you spend at school buying food is burning a hole in your bank account. Start making food for when you’ll be on a campus and prep in advance, your bank account will thank you. Making extra rice or pasta is always a good call.

4. Groceries

Keep it down to a few standard items, who cares at this point if you’re making gourmet meals. Buy whatever is on sale, and if you’re not a huge meat fan start eating cheaper protein like beans or eggs and save some serious $’s.

These are only a few tips, I always find that food is one of the more expensive things that come up for me. They’re often the small little expenses that add up really fast, keep an eye out and cut back.

How else do you save money in the final stretch of school?

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