Tax Free Shopping

Right away I want to make sure I don’t mislead you, I’m not providing you with a way to purchase products at retailers with no tax, I wish I could. As a Canadian I am well aware of the benefits we receive because of our taxes including healthcare, but there are some times when I honestly don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in taxes on certain items. So how can you start tax free shopping?

Kijiji, Craigslist & Other online “Classifieds”

I’m personally not new to purchasing products through Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay and other online classified websites, but lately I’ve started to use them more often. I purchased by used car off Kijiji (but I didn’t avoid taxes), but have managed to make a few other purchases as of late that have saved me quite a bit of money in regards to taxes.

Living in a cold and snowy country during the winter and having a job that requires me to be driving all day means that I needed to purchase winter tires for my recently purchased car. I did what the average person would do and went to check out my local Canadian Tire to see what they had to offer and how much it would cost me…and oh my tires are expensive (and cars for that matter).

Tires brand new will always cost more than used, but most tires were going to cost me between $75-150 in taxes on top of the additional cost to buy new and from a retailer. I then went to Kijiji in the hopes of saving myself money, and then of course realized that I would also be saving on taxes which is an added bonus. Instead of paying for the quoted price of about $870 with the crappiest rims ever I was able to get myself a set of brand new tires with rims and Honda hub caps, and a few additional spare parts for my car for $550 in cash.

Things to Know: Tax Free Shopping

When you’re making purchases on classified websites and through eBay you honestly need to know a bit more about the product so you can judge whether or not it’s in the condition you want. It takes a bit more research than say walking into a retailer but that’s where the dollar savings come into place. Another thing is prices are always negotiable (at least on Kijiji and Craigslist). My tires were actually $650 before I negotiated. Lastly I think you need to make sure you’re persistent, it’s not always easy buying from others, it boggles my mind but some people just don’t respond or are not willing to negotiate but oh well, there’s always the next person who’s selling something really similar.

Where to begin

Don’t just go on these websites to buy everything and anything just because you can save the tax, but instead if you’re thinking about making a purchase for say a ceiling fan within the next month definitely check out some online classifieds. Personally I don’t think there’s any shame in buying used or most often only slightly used, instead save some dollars, avoid the tax and save money for something else. Personally I don’t buy clothes or anything really wearable for that matter in used condition, and some furniture really turns me off but it’s up to the person. As a someone starting your tax free shopping journey you can do whatever you want.

From now on I know my go to for furniture and other items that I’m in search of will start on websites like Kjiji, not just for the tax free shopping but for the deals that can be found. I’m so over paying regular price…

Some purchases I’ve made lately…

Winter tires-1 month old-Kijiji-saved about $300-400

Razor Blades-brand new-eBay (great deal for certain blades, I find they are incredibly expensive in store)-Saved about $10-15

Great Deals I’ve Seen

Tasssimo T-Disc Storage Holder- $5 in great condition-Regular $25 plus tax





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