Tilt – Toronto’s Arcade Bar

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a restaurant or bar, and I was pretty inspired after I spent this past weekend checking out some new places. On Friday night, I went with a group of friends to Tilt – located in the Annex near Bathurst and Bloor.

Tilt Toronto

What’s so great about Tilt? oh you know…free use of a great selection of arcade machines, plus access to old gaming systems like Nintendo 64. Let’s just say the visit brought out my inner teenage nerd. Cover was $5 for Friday night which really isn’t too pricey, mixed drinks came in around $6. Let me note that this isn’t your standard bar rail booze. I’m a bit of a vodka snob and only drink a particular brand and they were actually serving that as a bar rail instead of your regular Smirnoff or worse.

So you can tell I was already won over. Alcohol value – check, free arcade games – double check and pretty reasonable cover – triple check.

Game selection (as of April 10, 2017)

  • 5+ “analog games” including Skee ball and Foosball
  • 10+ Pinball games
  • 20+ other arcade games including some very cool built in cocktail multi-games for 2 players with seats built in
  • AND old school Nintendo gaming systems ie. N64

Food & Drink

Tilt also has food made in house that you can purchase while at the bar, with seating in the middle with all the arcade games surrounding the perimeter of the bar. I’m going to be honest I’m not sure how I resisted not buying anything as they had a great selection of food at their Snack Bar – poutine, hot dogs, corn dogs all less than $6. I managed to control myself while I was there and then went and bought shwarma within 5 minutes of leaving the bar. So much for self-control!

Tilt Toronto Menu

Menu sourced from http://www.tilttoronto.com/snack-bar/

The Verdict

If you want a night out with a group of friends that is different, unique and honestly a really fun time, I suggest you try out Tilt. I’m not going to lie I really did miss playing some of these games, plus indulging in some shooting games that I was never allowed to play while I was younger. I got a little trigger happy, not going to lie! Plus the vodka snob in me gives their bar rail 5 stars, I may have fan girled a little when I ordered my drink and the bartender started pouring Stoli for me 🙂

Find Tilt Toronto @ 296 Brunswick Ave…

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