Top 5 Tips to Sell Products Online

Top 5 Tips for Selling Products Online

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Below is a guest post, that can help students or new grads find inspiration to start to sell products online.  

Every business owner trying to sell their product asks this one question, “How do I sell with conviction?”

Remember that people are difficult to please and they don’t always put their trust in a brand they don’t know. If you’re someone with no experience in selling, convincing your prospects to buy from you is a difficult task. Becoming a great business person can require months to years of experience. But this does not mean that you cannot do something today. In this article, we are going to show you some strategies on how to sell products online effectively.

Top 5 Tips to Sell Products Online


  1. Decide on the products to sell

First and foremost, you need to decide on what to sell. It’s not uncommon to have a frequent change of plans when you’re just starting out. If you have a ton of things in mind, this is actually a good sign. A list of multiple options is much better than a blank slate.

Just in case you haven’t made a final decision, here’s a useful strategy on how to find product ideas. Visit other online shops in your niche that are doing well. These websites can give you a ton of insights on what works and what doesn’t.


  1. Create content that people can learn from.

Your online shop will not be as successful as it deserves to be without a blog section. One of the ways content marketing builds your business is that it attracts your target audience. This essential inbound marketing effort should be a continuous process. It’s not possible to write content once and hope that it will give you all the results you want.

Most importantly, remember that any piece of content is useless unless it provides value. Before you publish, ask yourself, “In what way can this blog post help my readers?” Think about the issues that people struggle with and address them through your content.


  1. Grow a list of email subscribers.

 Email marketing works simply because it is personal. It allows people to be treated as people, as if you are directly speaking to them. Online marketers assume that growing a mailing list is hard. Yes, it can be challenging, but gathering subscribers is impossible if you do not take action.

In your online shop, incorporate an email subscription form. Place this form in vital areas of your website such as your about page, blog section, and sidebar. Be strategic about it, making sure that it is above the fold where it remains to be visible to your audience.


  1. Gather reviews from existing customers.

One cannot undermine the value of customer reviews. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect and imagine arriving at a website with tons of positive reviews. You also read negative reviews but have found that the site owner responded and did something about the complaints. Compare this experience to an encounter with a website that has zero customer feedback.

As a customer, surely you will come to trust brands with reviews. Reviews not only enhance trust and credibility; they also add more to your existing content which consequently boosts your search engine performance.


  1. Establish stronger connections through Facebook live videos.

 We know that most business owners are uncomfortable showing their authentic selves due to the fear of rejection. There’s nothing worse than not getting any engagement after doing your best in content creation.

Just recently, we explored how marketers can use Facebook Live to their advantage. They can leverage this feature even on their mobile device by clicking the Live button in their newsfeed. You have the option to make your live videos as compelling as possible since there are options for filters, lenses and drawings. The maximum shooting time for a Facebook live video is 90 minutes.


Wrap Up

 These five top tips to sell products online are only some of the many marketing strategies you can use to promote whatever you’re selling. Since you’re just starting out, it would be good to experiment with several tips until you can find one you’re most comfortable with. Success in selling online happens when you figure out the technique you’re good at and make the most of it.



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