Weekend Spending Challenge

weekend spending challenge

So you might be asking yourself…why is she doing SO many challenges. Well contrary to popular belief I don’t write down every purchase I make, and my co-op job has allowed me to have a bit more cash flow than usual. This has lead to me spending probably more than I should on weekends, where I’ve headed to Guelph or gone out with friends in Toronto. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. You wake up Sunday morning and ask yourself..where did all of my money go?

Weekend Spending Challenge

So here’s the challenge. Next weekend coming up, write down everything you spend. We’ll call it the weekend spending challenge. You may not remember exactly where you bought your post bar food, or how many bars you went to, but keep track of how much you take out in cash, and then also check your bank account online. Tally up the total amount spent and damn you might just be surprised how quick it adds up. Those living in smaller towns may have have much smaller weekend spends just because everything is cheaper but it’s still a great test.

Start it this weekend or the next and see how it goes. Are you spending a lot? Find ways to cut down on your weekend spending. This is really important especially in the summer when you start to have an income. You may be more likely to spend a ton of money and not even realize when it’s too late at the end of the summer.

Keep track and start the weekend spending challenge, it might just help you save a lot of money.

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