I’ve Jumped on The Blue Jays Bandwagon

I know this isn’t one of my usual posts and hey it’s not all finance and career advice all the time, I’ve got to switch it up a bit. I’ve noticed lately that there has been an increasing amount of friends who have been posting on Facebook and Instagram about their attendance at Jay’s games. As part of a work social we decided to check out a Blue Jay’s game on Friday and got to witness their 9th win in a row and I loved every minute of it. I’m going to finally admit that I’ve jumped on the Blue Jay’s bandwagon and I’m loving it. For the first time in a good 10 years I actually watched a full game on TV, even though I used to watch them all the time and go to a bunch of games a year. It’s definitely an affordable way to spend a weeknight or day on the weekend with friends and catch some sun at the same time.

blue jays bandwagon

I also just took a look at this sweet article written by Maclean’s which tells us the 11 reasons to love the Jay’s through a little social media timeline. It’s a pretty entertaining read to say the least.

Steps to Blue Jays Bandwagon Fun

Now here comes my little frugal part of this whole story and how you can enjoy yourself, go to a game and not spend that much and look like you’ve been a fan for a while.

  • Buy 500 level tickets, these range from $10-$15 and are a really great place to be with other rowdy fans which makes it an even better time
  • If you want to look the part check out Old Navy or Target and get a t-shirt for about $18 or less or just wear blue whatever works.
  • Get there early for games that are offering giveaways and grab yourself some free swag
  • Drinking before? Head to a local bar nearby and grab a few drinks, avoid buying beer at the game if possible, cans are $10 a piece.
  • Same goes for food, eat first to avoid buying food at the game
  • Check out the Grand Slam combo if you’re a fan of ballpark food and want to eat an unlimited supply-$39 for a 200 level ticket and food.
  • Get a group together and save on tickets as well

How to Act the Part

So once you’ve bought your ticket (a cheap one of course), dressed in Blue Jays fan gear (that you bought for a lot cheaper than at the stadium) and headed to a local bar before you’re ready to be a Blue Jays Bandwagon supporter. Have an amazing time and maybe even take some shameless pics and put them on Instagram, use hashtags like #ilovethisteam and share your Blue Jay’s lovin’.

All I have to say is going to a Blue Jays game on a weekend or even a weekday is a pretty inexpensive fun experience. With the team doing well and the baseball a lot more exciting than it’s been in years, how can you go wrong.

Have you been to a Jays game/baseball game this summer?

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