RetailMeNot Canada Launch

Once again this is one of those things that Canada get’s to celebrate later, whether it be a launch of a store that the US has had for years like Target or the dozens of other US imports. For those who are interested in saving money (that’s everyone, who am I kidding) take note of the RetailMeNot Canada launch which happened recently.

RetailMeNot Canada

RetailMeNot has been in the US for quite some time and provides a great way for online shoppers to use coupon codes and save extra $’s at checkout. The site provides a variety of coupons where users can rate the coupon based on successfulness, so you aren’t trying fault coupons that don’t work. With the new Canadian launch we now have Canadian retailers added, additional deals and also a little box per retailer that says whether the company ships to Canada, works here and additional info like duties and currency preference. (see below) Make sure to check this box out, especially for US retailers like JC Penny for example, you may end up getting charged duties on your purchase.

retailmenot canada launch

How to Make the Most of RetailMeNot

The idea when buying online is first and foremost to not pay shipping, if not you might as well go to the bricks and mortar store yourself and purchase the products, try them on etc. Look for coupon codes that will let you do that, or make sure the online retailer has an offer for a spend x amount of dollars and receive free shipping. Check out Air Miles Shops (if you’re an Air Miles card holder) and see if the retailer you are buying from offers bonus miles with purchase as well. Then check out RetailMeNot and see if there are additional coupon codes that you can make use of to save more money when making your purchase.

Purchasing online 101;

  • Make sure shipping is free
  • Check out Air Miles Shops to get some additional miles
  • Find online coupons through
  • Make sure you aren’t being charged duties
  • Educate yourself on the return policy of the online retailer

RetailMeNot Canada-The Verdict

Personally I really like to shop online especially for birthdays and during the holiday season so I have to say I’m really happy about the launch of the Canadian version of this site. It provides an additional vehicle for savings, often has coupons for free shipping (which I think is the kicker when it comes to shopping online) and organizes information by vendor.

Unfortunately this is something that we should have had a while ago, but yes I am being a bitter Canadian again (don’t we always complain?). I’m glad that we now have a great site that has a variety of coupons that are easy to access, which in the end will help provide some additional savings when purchasing products online. As a student I really recommend you to go to before you make purchases, every dollar you save counts..and then you can buy some more beer.

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  • Greg

    I really like retail me not. It is something that I check pretty regularly when shopping for a particular purchase.

  • It’s great that you guys finally have retail me not…I always check for coupons when I’m shopping online. I also use shopping portals too like ebates/big crumbs…do you guys have that in Canada?

    • Looks like there is a big crumbs Canadian version, not sure about ebates though. Thanks for mentioning those, I will definitely check them out.

  • Suburban Finance

    I used retailmenot a lot when I had an online shopping kick, but it’s nice that we have it in Canada now, too.

    • Totally agree. It’s unfortunate that it takes a while for things to filter through to here, but I’m glad we have it now. Definitely something I will make sure to check before ever buying anything online from now on.

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