Cheap Toronto Bars: The Green Room

I have been fortunate enough over the last few months to be working in the city of Toronto for a co-op work term, which has meant that I have been to some great student bars in the city that I had never heard of before. A great place that I was able to check out is The Green Room. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an extravagant place for those looking to buy bottles, sit in a lounge type setting and toss dollar bills around. It’s essentially a great place to hang out with friends, drink some cheap and great beer as well as grab some really inexpensive food at the same time.


Now don’t freak out when you can’t find it at first, it’s located right around the corner from the Brunny at 296 Brunswick Ave right near Spadina subway station. The main entrance is actually in an alleyway off of Brunswick Ave and the front door is in fact green. The inside is cozy for sure and was great considering it was feeling a bit wintry that night. Seating consists of wooden tables with chairs or benches and there are 2 floors. We arrived at about 9 on the Friday and were able to find seating for about 8 which worked out great, but it did fill up fairly quickly.

Beers, Beers and Beers

So I didn’t end up buying any food so I can’t provide a very detailed food review, I do need to point out that all of the food was really well priced, bordering on cheap. But when it came to beers I managed to get both a pitcher of Steam Whistle for under $12 and Mill Street Organic under $13 which is amazing. I don’t think I have ever got Canadian that cheap even so it was definitely a big win.

Personally I didn’t buy any food while we were at The Green Room, but some of my friends did and I may have tested out a few things here and there. One of which was a quesadilla which was great and I believe around $5-6 dollars.

Final Thoughts

The Green Room reminded me of the coziness of a sit-down bar in Guelph, for even better prices and it was within a subway ride away from my house in Toronto. I definitely will go back again especially because of the great beer selection and prices. The Green Room would definitely fit under the category of cheap Toronto bars and a place where students can save some change and not break the bank on a casual night out for drinks and some food.


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