Christmas Gifts on a Budget: Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Recently I decided to write a blog post about some great Christmas Gifts on a Budget for those on your Christmas list who like/love to read. As the days have started to quickly fly by I realized that online shipping deadlines are coming close. That being said it was only fitting that I write a blog post for some great last minute gift options for those who, just like me, have waited to buy their Christmas presents. These Last Minute Christmas Gift ideas are sure to get you out of that bind when the days before Christmas are in the single digits.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Magazine Subscriptions

I know this doesn’t sound super fancy, but magazine subscriptions or their digital equivalent are great and really don’t require you to leave the house to order them. Do it all online where you’re often able to load up on some great bonus Air Miles/Aeroplan miles and all you have to do is buy a nice card and let the recipient know what you’ve got them.

Best Bet: Check out Rogers Magazine Service for some great bonus Aeroplan miles.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon!

As of today some online retailers aren’t able to get your online orders to you before Christmas if you use the regular shipment method, but Amazon is still an option. There are always great deals to check out, with great prices as well. Right now they currently have 12 Days of Deals running with great savings every day.

Best Bet: Google Chromecast with bonus offers including $20 on the Google Play store & 90 days of free unlimited music from Google Play

Gift Cards

I’m not going to sugar coat it, but this is like you’re worst case scenario before you start stuffing money in a card and being done with the whole thing. You can easily walk into most major retailers these days and find a “gift card mall” as they call it, with gift cards from a variety of stores. Splurge for the pretty Christmas one and help the recipient buy exactly what they want, and often on sale after Christmas.

Giving to Charity/Donations

For those who have family members/friends who are very charitable and often “don’t even want a present”, another great option is to donate in their name. Print off or write out a description of what/who you’ve donated to and give it to them in a Christmas card. DONE, and you’re being a good person. I’ve always seen Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope catalog show up at my house every year around Christmas time and I think it’s a great cause…makes me feel bad that I didn’t have it on my list this year.

Best Bet: Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope OR Canada Helps where you can find a wide variety of charitable options or a “charity gift card”


Hopefully I’ve given you some great Christmas Gifts on a Budget, but also ones that can be great last minute Christmas gifts as well.

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