Students, Bloomberg Is Here to Help

Whether we are struggling with excessive debt, job opportunities that are few and far between and other millennial related issues that we hope to overcome, Bloomberg is here to help us! I know, it’s a marketing ploy, a way to get Bloomberg Businessweek in the hands of a new demographic and also will help parents shame their kids into leaving the nest.

Whatever their intentions, I’m a magazine lover and I like free stuff so I’m really happy about the fact that not only I can keep up to date with what’s going on in the world but it is at no cost to me.

Bloomberg is Here to Help

According to their website over 22 million Americans between 22-35 are still living with their parents. In turn they have so modestly said that 12 free issues of their magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, will transform you into a successful and motivated millennial and out of the family home you go. The idea; get your parents to send you shameful ecards that look like those brutally dry and sarcastic someecards that I love so much;

Funny Workplace Ecard: I'd ask you to go fuck yourself, but you'd probably just delegate that to me too.

So taking a page out of the obnoxious ecard book Bloomberg has come up with some great shameful ecards that your parents can send to you along with your special gift subscription that will change your life!

Once all of the embarrassment and passive aggressiveness wears off you will receive your free subscription in the mail. Take a read and see if it’s life changing.

Note: I never told my parents about the site, instead I sent myself an ecard and just got the subscription myself. Received my first issue the other day and I feel “enlightened”. Do I feel more capable of moving out of my house after grad? Probably not, but hey I’m a little more wordly now.

If you want to get the subscription for yourself check out, click on an ecard and fill in your deets and wait for your magazines.

Do you really thinking that something so simple as an ecard and magazine subscription can really push millennials out of the house after grad?

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  • An ecard is probably not gonna do it. But first, I wanted to say that there is nothing necessarily wrong with staying with your parents when you first graduate. I did for a few years but I always contributed (I paid them rent). It works out well that way, the millenial learns responsibility but saves money rather than renting a more expensive place, and helps out mom and dad financially. It’s the millenials that live at home who don’t contribute anything to the parents and who think living at home is a permanent solution that are problematic.

    • I completely agree and I will be living at home so I can save money for my own place. Also I have to say the magazine is pretty good, whether or not I’m going to turn into a revolutionary thinker is yet to be seen.