Verizon Coming to Canada-What It Means for You

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  • moneybulldog

    I really hope this drags the cost of cell phone contracts down for you guys. My friend The Canadian Budget Binder has told me all about how much contracts cost over there and it really is shocking.

    • Lauren @ Cheap Students

      I really hope so too, and it amazes me that the bigger guys already here are putting out ads bashing Verizon. I don’t care who enters the market but a decrease in contracts would be nice. To be honest I wouldn’t even know what a cell plan costs in Europe but I know our plans here are extremely high. Thanks for the comment!

  • Lori

    I think it’s great that Verizon will enter the Canadian market. My husband and I have cell phones with Verizon now, because my husband is a truck driver who mainly drives in the USA. We get long distance for both Canada and US, and the prices are much cheaper than any Canadian plans.

    • Lauren @ Cheap Students

      I really hope so too. Some healthy competition never hurts anyone except ones not willing to compete. Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoyed the blog!