Great Back to School Finds

It’s that time of year again where we’re all starting to buy up school supplies, things for our rooms/dorm room, clothes etc. I always find myself wanting to refresh my wardrobe and get some new school supplies as well and somehow maybe those purchases will really make school less stressful and studying that much easier (we can all dream can’t we?)

Back to School Finds

I was inspired to put this together the other day after I found a really cute coloured notebook that I’ve now decided will be my go to when it comes to keeping organized during my last 2 semesters at school. I know it’s nothing revolutionary, there are Moleskine notebooks in really great colours and with quality paper that are wonderful to write in. But as I’m sure you know I’m always out there looking for a bargain, so for less money, a purple coloured cover and probably poorer quality paper I have my notebook for the year, from a cool new brand (in Canada anyways) called Poppin.

Soft Cover Notebook Medium Purple

This is one of the really interesting and bright coloured products that are on my list of great back to school finds to prep for school this year. Check them out to brighten up your room, backpack, your pencil case and even a few workouts here and there.


 Coupons to Save More $’s on these Back to School Finds

Also if you have any products of interest that you want to purchase at Chapters.Indigo check out this coupon to save 25% off the purchase of a single regular priced product. Hey maybe you can buy your own Poppin notebook too.

Check out Target, Ikea, Walmart and a few other Canadian retailers for great deals before you head back to school. Make sure to buy these products on sale if possible by checking your local flyers or their websites.

Deal you shouldn’t miss

$0.15 packs of refill lined paper from Walmart, they have the deal every year and I stock up for well under a dollar.


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