Where to Find Jobs-Part 1

So you can totally know how to write an awesome cover letter or resume but if you can’t find any jobs to apply for then those other things are irrelevant.

This is the first blog post on finding a job.
It’s important to remember though that it’s often said that almost 80% of jobs aren’t advertised or posted, so make use of the people you know; network, ask your professors, your parents, friends or family friends. They just might be able to help you get a job this summer or even after graduation.
Job opportunities;
One of my favourite websites is Talent Egg. You can also like them on Facebook and you will get updates of recent jobs on your newsfeed.
Check city/provincial websites;
Government of Ontario (this site is updated almost every week, beginning soon)
If the city you’re from isn’t listed here just Google it, it won’t be too hard to find
Application deadlines will be very soon for these jobs. Make sure to check these dates.
University websites
Also Google “your university name” student job opportunities
Most universities/colleges will have a student job board.

This list obviously can’t have all the jobs available on it, but it’s a starting point. 
Good luck with any jobs you apply for!
Image: http://www.bluegrasschapter-ai.org/image/template/job_board.jpg

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