First Visit to Target Canada

Target Canada has been a pretty popular topic as of late with the preliminary openings in 3 cities 1 of which included the city of Guelph. It worked out that I was in Guelph this weekend visiting friends so I decided to stop in and see what all the fuss was about. Let’s keep in mind I have been to Target in the states and had only really noticed the low prices before and purchased specific things.

Getting There

First off the parking lot was PACKED! The lot in front of the former Zellers used to be ridiculously empty and now here Target was filling up the lot. I then realized that I decided to go on the first Saturday that it was open so it started to make a little bit more sense. Also people may have come from places outside of Guelph to check out Target and all it has to offer, so that may have explained it as well.

The Store

Well there is really no comparison to Zellers, aside from the similar colours. The store was so much nicer, as well as the products themselves. I went in expecting not to see much in the way of selection and quantity of products simply because this is a preliminary opening but was still pleasantly surprised. I did only check out the women’s clothing and footwear for the most part in addition to checking out the Roots clothing (which was pretty limited in quantity, but much better priced than Roots stores).

Note* the Roots clothing in Target stores is slightly downgraded in quality so it can be priced cheaper.

The footwear selection was pretty good with a variety of styles including a pair of lower height heels in plain black that I snapped up for work for $29.99 regular price and it wasn’t the same kind of cheaper quality that you find at Payless now (which is becoming a bit more expensive than it used to be). Sizing was a bit limited, once again because its a prelim opening but I benef from rather large feet and was able to find my size easily. They had their similar bra and underwear selection at similar prices as the US that I have snapped up before and it’s a nice alternative to going to La Senza and waiting for sale prices.

For all the male readers I didn’t really check out anything in the guys apparel sections or men’s shoes. I also have previously bought printer cartridges at Target in the states and wasn’t able to check pricing at the Canadian location-will have to do that the next time I’m there/during the school year.


For the items that I like and have purchased at Target USA in the past, this store is going to be pretty convenient given the fact that it’s located within walking distance of the University of Guelph when I’m back at school next year. The store itself provides nice clothes at inexpensive prices which is actually pretty hard to find in the Canadian market right now. You either find really nice expensive clothing and shoes or a poorer quality/less stylish inexpensive products. The people at the checkout were really nice and didn’t seem like they hated every minute of their job, the lines also moved really quickly despite how long they were. Also I have to admit that they have a really nice makeup section, it’s similar to Shoppers Drug Mart minus the slightly higher prices. And you don’t feel super gross like you do when you go to a Wal Mart, just saying.

Have you checked out a Target store yet?


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