Stumbleupon Findings


As of late I feel like I’ve been quite stumped when it comes to writing on here. I do have a list of at least 20 different topics to write about thanks to my new brainstorming notebook but have really not had the time or desire to write about any of them. Instead I happened to be doing the much more exciting task of searching through my email accounts and doing some cleaning and found an email from Stumbleupon. For me it felt a little old and almost a little nostalgic of my universities days (not that long ago, but it feels like it sometimes). Given my ability to be extremely distracted lately I just decided to start stumlbing which I used to do for HOURS in university. Of course like I used to, I’ve found some really cool, quirky and interesting content and it’s inspired me to start a reoccurring blog post with my Stumbleupon Findings. Here goes the first one…

Stumbleupon Findings

Personal Finance

7 Financial Skills 20 year Olds Need to Know

Despite the fact that I often despise slider/slideshow posts this one from Forbes was a short and sweet one on tips for 20 something’s and how to make smart financial decisions.


Where Should I Shop?

Just in time for Christmas, a seriously great resource for great online shopping websites. If you’re going to shop, find the best deals and avoid the malls this Christmas – that’s my motto anyways.


High Existence

I’ve lately been on a bit of a soul searching, what do I want out of life kick, so this one is something I’ll be checking out.


Us the Duo-Top Hits of 2014 in 2.5 Minutes

I’m always one to appreciate good music and covers, so this definitely checked off my 2 favourite boxes. Also this is better than all of these songs by the current artists that sing them..


 21 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Rice Cooker

I’m always a fan of trying out new recipes and ways to cook so this is no exception. Clearly I’ve been under utilizing my rice cooker for the last 5 years…

Do you still check out Stumbleupon? What great finds have you found in the past?

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