Cheap Students Monday Roundup 2

Cheap Students Monday Roundup 2

So I actually have followed through and produced the second Cheap Students Monday Roundup. The idea is that this will help readers by providing even more reading material on personal finance matters that affect students. You can check out last weeks Cheap Students Monday Roundup and continue on below with some new and fresh content for you to read over as well.

The Accidental Environmentalist @ Broke Millennials Is a post that students will definitely be able to connect with. I have to say I have done some of these things especially when living in my student home over the summer last year.

What Happens to Your Wallet When You Don’t Drink for a Month? @ Studenomics is a post that covers a really great way of saving some serious cash just by….not drinking for a month. I know most students would be totally against it, but it’s worth a read especially during that last bit of school when you have little money and a lot of final assignments and exams.

Should You Start Your Own Business When You Graduate? @ 20’s Finance cover’s an interesting topic especially for those students that are unsure what they want to do after university. If you hadn’t considered stating your own business before, this article may change your mind.

I also wanted to add an additional, luckiest person of the week post. The article was all over the internet last week entitled Anonymous Man Pays Off Starlie Becote’s $35,000 Student Loan Debt. I have to say I’m really happy for her, and it’s a beautiful story, but it might just make every other student out there a bit jealous.

Stay tuned for some new posts this week, and good luck on exams!

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  • Thanks for the great list! Now I just need someone to give me $35,000 randomly….

    • No problem! And geez I know right. Wouldn’t that be nice. I’ll keep praying to the anonymous wealthy donor gods.