Cheap Students Monday Roundup 3

Cheap Students Monday Roundup 3

For the first week I decided to go with a theme and then that crashed and burned after 2 posts but here’s my go at the 3rd installment of the Cheap Students Monday Roundup.

First is a post by Studenomics-Experiences That I Blew a Fortune On. Yes I know this isn’t your typical personal finance article, but hear me out. Summer is about saving up for university tuition but is also a time where you need to enjoy some experiences. Experiences are said to make individuals much happier than just blowing money on clothes or tv’s..just saying.

Another article from MondayAfterGrad entitled What a $350 Concert Ticket Buys You which once again talks about experience’s and what you really get for the huge price tags you pay for concert tickets. I love Maroon 5 but $350 is pretty steep.

And then some posts to get you in a terrible mood, but make you think.

From Andrea at SoNotOverThis a post called Student Loans: Do People Really Know What They’re Signing? is a great one. Were you really aware of what you were getting yourself into when you applied for student loans?

Another great post by Krystal at Givemebackmyfivebucks called Would You Ever Date Someone That Has Debt? Another thinker here, I as per usual had a pretty strong opinion on it but it’s definitely another great thing to think about

Hope you enjoy these great posts. And also send your thoughts and prayers out for those affected at the Boston Marathon today, such a horrible thing to happen.

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