How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents-Review

So here’s the first of many book reviews that will find it’s way on my blog. If you don’t know already, I tend to read a lot and the number has increased since I’ve been working in my co-op job since January. For my first review I decided to start off with a Canadian book written by Rob Carrick who is a writer for the Globe and Mail and guess what..he writes all about personal finance. In this book called How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents Carrick goes through a variety of topics that most people in university would find pretty scary, but explains it in a fairly easy to understand manner to avoid you from getting confused.

How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents

Right off the bat I don’t want to tell you that this book is filled with super secret information you won’t find anywhere else..because you can (like on my blog of course). It does cover a bunch of topics including student loans, rising tuition costs and then costs that you will incur once you graduate from university. All of that scary stuff like retirement savings, which you should start as early as possible (and Rob makes that clear as well), insurance, buying a house or renting and even financial considerations for weddings, life insurance and children.

What did I think?

It provided a wide variety of information that will help you build a better idea of what certain things are like RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s and a some generally great ideas in terms of saving and making good financial decisions. Some of the tips would never work for me since Rob continues to suggest getting all this money from your parents to fund your first home, part of your wedding and even some of your student loans. Now that may work for some students, it’s not an option for everyone. Overall the book itself provides readers with a basic knowledge if they don’t know where to start when it comes to their finance.

Final Thoughts

The book itself may also give you a bit of an idea on how to avoid living with your parents,but isn’t the main focal point of the book, nor is there a detailed step by step guide. Personally if you’re in a ton of debt after university it may be your best option anyways, and by becoming financially healthy you may be able to avoid living there for long at all. Also it was a super quick read so don’t get discouraged, I borrowed it from the library but wish I had of bought a copy so I could highlight and fold corners to make it a real reference guide.

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